1How do i make a purchase?
Shopping at ANTONIO CANNIZZO DESIGN is easy: Once you have found an item, select your size and use the ‘ADD TO SHOPPING BAG’ button underneath. Review the items in your shopping bag by selecting the ‘SHOPPING BAG’ link at the top of the page. You can add products to your Wish List or use the ‘REMOVE FROM BASKET’ link to delete items from your shopping bag. Click on ‘PROCEED TO PURCHASE’ to complete your order.
2Do i need to set up an account to place an order?
Register with us and you will be able to enjoy the following benefits through your ANTONIO CANNIZZO DESIGN account: Gain access to your Wish List and Recommendations Be notified when new stock arrives Save your address Manage your account details , email preferences and see order status.
3How do i know if an item is in stock?
All items are created upon customers orders so there are not stock amount. Please be aware that even if an item is in your shopping bag, it can still be bought by another customer until you have completed your order.If the product you want to buy is out of stock we will create them for you and we will need from 10 to 15 working days for the realization.
4Why are shipping restriction applied to some items?
Due to international trading agreements and regulations, ANTONIO CANNIZZO DESIGN is obliged to adhere to particular shipping restrictions. If you add a product to your shopping bag that we are not permitted to ship to your country, the site will automatically identify it and prompt you to remove it. To proceed with purchasing this item, you would need to ship it to a different destination address. For more information, please read our Shipping information.
5Are the gems on your site natural?
All our gems are unique examples of natural origin and quality guaranteed by gemological certification. We import directly from the source by ensuring the best quality at the most competitive price.
6Can I have two stones exactly the same?
All our gems are unique and of natural origin and therefore not replicable. We can find similar but never the same gems. The pairs or seams we offer are very similar in color and size and are therefore suitable for making earrings or in jewelry.
7The gem I get at home is just what I see on the site?
The gems offered on our site are exactly what you will get after purchasing them. We use both footage and photographs to represent the best possible color and gem characteristics from different points of view. Make sure your monitor does not have any special settings that change its color.
8How can I estimate how big a gem is really?
In the descriptive detail of the gem, measurements are given to the centimeter of a millimeter. If you fail to realize the visual magnitude, we recommend using a millimeter card or a common ruler to represent the gem on paper.
9The origin of the gem is specified in the description?
Yes, the gem comes from the region indicated in the source field. In the gemmological certificate, the geographic origin may not be expressed if the gem does not have specific findings and physical evidence of the area of ​​origin. The analyst Gemmologist is not normally aware of the stone import area, but can be traced back to the study of the typical inclusions inside the crystal. If the evidence is sufficient the origin of the gem will be indicated as follows. Es Colombian Emerald, "Origin: Characteristics Reliable to Colombia". If the crystal is very pure the evidence may not be sufficient for this kind of
10How much does a diamond with these characteristics "G / VVS1 1.09 ct" cost?
It is not our job to issue quotes on gems. If you are looking for a gem it would be difficult to find one with identical characteristics. We can propose a similar gem, in which case the price may differ.
11What is gemmological certification and what benefits do I have?
A gemmological analysis is a laboratory examination performed on a gemstone by a professional gemologist who certifies the species and mineralogical variety to which it belongs a gem, describes gemological characteristics such as color and purity and thus provides the parameters for a fair market price.
12How long does it take to make a tailored ring?
15-20 working days from design approval
13Can you change the rings for sale on the site?
The ready-made rings offered on the site can be tailored but unmodified. However, you can start from the original design, modify it, and create a custom ring.
14Can I make engravings on my ring?
Yes, you can name, date, or short phrases on custom jewelry.